"MANY OF THE WARS IN THIS CENTURY WERE ABOUT OIL, BUT WARS OF THE NEXT CENTURY WILL BE OVER WATER."  Ismail Serageldin, Vice President, Environmental Development, The World Bank, New York Times, August 10, 1997.

Waterbag technology will have a direct impact on the Peace Process in the Middle East.

Israel and its neighbors are having serious political difficulties agreeing on how to share the scarce water resources in the region.  In addition, Turkey has raised grave political and military concerns in both Syria and Iraq over its water diversion plans.  The support of a demonstration of waterbag technology by California leadership that can deliver large volumes of fresh water using waterbag technology will offer a specific žon the groundÓ opportunity for the United States to demonstrate a technology that will have a direct impact on these potentially dangerous political confrontations.

As an example, industrial and domestic water use in Gaza is 29 million cubic meters per year (80,000 M3/day - 65 acre feet/day).  Because 500,000 cubic meters per day (450 acre feet) is now available from a recently completed pipeline for waterbag deliveries from the Manavgat River in Turkey, Spragg waterbag technology has the capability to double or triple the industrial/domestic water supply to Gaza while still allowing for significant waterbag deliveries to other regions in the Middle East from the Manavgat project.

The novel, WATER, WAR AND PEACE, has been completed (and as yet unpublished) that details the solutions waterbag technology offers to the complex political problems surrounding water issues throughout the Middle East.

Our sponsors' support for a test of waterbag technology delivering waterbag water from Humboldt Bay to San Francisco Bay, Monterey, and Southern California will play a significant role in the Middle East Peace Process, for which our sponsors can take credit and be proud of their endorsement of waterbag technology.