"Will you have room aboard [on your next demonstration voyage] for a Time magazine correspondent and photographer?"

 1996 e-mail from TIME magazine correspondent after 1996 Washington State voyage
"One way or another, water will be moved around the world as oil is now."
Journal of Commerce, August 29, 1996
The World Bank (commenting on waterbag technology)
"THE NEXT WORLD WAR WILL BE ABOUT WATER...ship river and lake water across the ocean in giant bladders."
 New York Times headline, December 6, 1999
"Water will have the greatest impact on the success of peace... solutions have been proposed...[including] shipping water from Turkey through the sea in huge plastic bags."
 AIPAC's Near East Report-September 6, 1999
"AIPAC is the most important organization affecting America's relationship with Israel."  New York Times
"I plan to invite San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown to walk on water with me when my bags float under the Golden Gate Bridge."
 San Francisco Chronicle, T. Spragg, August 6, 1999
"A big event sponsorship is symbolic of corporate leadership."
 Dave Richardson, Sr. Vice President, Wirthlin Group
 NY Times, 8/4/94
"Advertisers seek to build consumer loyalty by taking sides on important social issues through 'cause related' marketing... best of all is a real life situation that did not occur as a result of a marketing plan."
Chris Sutherland, Executive Director
 Promotion Marketing Association
 New York Times, January 6, 1994
"WATER:  THE OIL OF THE 21ST CENTURY" (Cover Story Headline)
 "Water transport [through the oceans] is a reality.  It seems very likely it will become a major commodity within the next decade."
 FAIRPLAY, The International Shipping Weekly,
 November 25, 1999. [Founded 1883- London, England]
"Visibility is why companies pay to sponsor ads with PEACE themes, or any ads that are'torn from today's headlines.' The tactic, known as 'borrowed interest' holds that linking a sales message to larger, more important contemporary events can help it stand out amid the bewildering din on competing pitches confronting consumers every day."
 Stuart Elliott- The Media Business
 New York Times
"Use real events to anchor sales pitches.  Using reality in promotions infuses them with credibility.  People thirst for authenticity."
 Bob Pasqualina, Sr. Creative Director
 McCann-Erickson, New York
 New York Times, March 7, 1995
"More than media impressions, a sponsor of the Spragg Bag voyage is being a 'good guy' in the eyes of the world in a project that will benefit all mankind.  It's a uniquely 'good news' story."
 Nann-Miller, President, Miller-Greer Public Relations
 Los Angeles, California
"Dams are the old way of thinking.  I donít think waterbags should be rejected just because they are new."
 Gillian Taylor, Chair
 Monterey Sierra Club
 San Francisco Chronicle, August 6, 1999