WATER, WAR  & PEACE (a Novel):

The novel, WATER, WAR, and PEACE has been completed (see synopsis and sample pages) that details the solutions waterbag technology offers to the complex political problems surrounding water issues throughout the Middle East, the United States, and the world. (see Middle East Peace Applications)

"An axiom of the [publishing] industry was proven again:  that news events are the least expensive and best publicity for any book."

"The trick for publishers is how to get their books to inspire headlines or how to use existing headlines to promote their books."

"In the unscientific business of marketing books, the only way of being reasonably sure a book will sell is to create a 'buzz' around it."

 The New York Times
 (Headlines and the Art of Book Sales)
The completed novel "Water, War, and Peace," will coordinate its publishing date with the "Spragg Bag" demonstration voyages in California and the Middle East.

A "Spragg Bag" demonstration voyage will maximize book sales for the publisher of "Water, War, and Peace."

"Water, War, and Peace" has not yet been submitted to any publisher.